Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology

Department of Hydrology and River Works


The Project GMS-Flood and Drought Risk Management and Mitigation Project funded by the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Cambodia has four main components:

a. Enhanced regional data, information and knowledge base for the management of floods and droughts: Under this component, three specific sub-outputs will be delivered (i) Development of design criteria for flood and drought risk schemes and water control infrastructure in the Mekong Delta, (ii) Assessment of cross-border flood management options in Viet Nam and Cambodia; and (ii) Strengthening of National Flood Forecasting Center in Cambodia:

b. Upgraded Water Management Infrastructures: Under this component, DamnakChheukrom Irrigation Systems Rehabilitation in Pursat Province will be implemented which will upgrade irrigation and drainage in 16,100 ha of land and provide increased flood protection for 10,000 people.

c. Enhanced Capacity for Community-Based Disaster Management: Under this component, at least 6 communities have disaster risk management plans; at least 200 women are trained on CBDRM and at least 30% of CBDRM committee members are female; and farmer managed water user committees are established in DamnakChheukrom Irrigation System.

d. Effective Project Implementation: project implementation is completed within 6 years (Sep 2019) and all accounts are closed within 6.5 years (March 2020).

Project Information

No. Description Detail
1 Asian Development Bank (ADB) Loan/Grant Number L2970; G0330; L8262
2 Project Title Cambodia: GMS Flood and Drought Risk Management and Mitigation Project
3 Borrower Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC)
4 Project Management Unit and Implementation Unit Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology
5 Total estimated project cost US$ 47.75 million

Status of project financing:

(Including availability of counter-part funds and co-financing)

7 Dates of approval (ADB) 12 December 2012
8 Date of signing 17 January 2013
9 Date of effectiveness of ADB Loan 23 June 2014
10 Original ADB Loan closing date 30 September 2019
11 Elapsed loan period based on original loan closing dates N/A
12 Revised ADB Loan closing date N/A
13 Elapsed loan period based on revised loan closing dates NA
14 Date of last ADB review mission

12-20 March 2018

14 – 18 December 2015

17 - 20 February 2015

Financing Plan

Source Amount ($ Million) Share of Total (%)
Asian Development Fund (ADF) 35.0 73
ADB SCF Loan 4.00 8
ADB SCF Grant 5.80 12
Government of Cambodia 2.95 6
Total 47.75 100.0

Project Organization

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM) is the executing agency through it General Directorate of Technical Affairs (GDTA)

The MOWRAM, through CPMU and the Inter-ministerial Resettlement Committee (IRC), through the Resettlement Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (RD-MEF) shall be the overall responsible entities for preparing, updating, implementing and managing the finances of the Resettlement Plan.

Central Project Management Unit

A Central Project Management Unit (CPMU) in Phnom Penh has been established by MOWRAM headed by the Director General of GDTA H.E. Ponh Sachak as full time Project Manager, the CPMU will be responsible for day to day implementation of project activities. Mr. Bak Bunna is the Project Manager of CMPU. The Project Implementation Consultant team has been recruited to assist CPMU in their day to day project management and procurement of services, works and goods.

Project Implementation Units

Two Project Implementation Units have been established to assure direct implementation of the project:

· Department of Hydrology and River Works to oversee the implementation of the National Flood Forecasting Center (NFFC)

· Provincial Department of Water Resources and Meteorology in Pursat to oversee the implementation of the Damnal Chheukrom Irrigation Sub-project.