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The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country that is considered to have abundant water. Its rivers and streams, aquifers and marine are an important resource for national economic development in many areas, such as agriculture, manufacturing and small-scale industries, navigation, tourism, environmental protection, and daily life. 

The Mekong and Tonle Sap River system plays an important role in maintaining aquatic ecosystems, and provides a basic resource for national development.

Department of Hydrology and River Works

The Department of Hydrology and River Works (DHRW) was established in 1999 and is under umbrella of Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology. There are 5 offices,  namely, Office of Administration, Office of Research and Flood Forecasting, Office of Water Quality Analyses, Office of Hydrological Works and Office of River Bank Management under supervision of the DHRW.

DHRW Responsibilities:    

  • To prepare plan on installation of hydrological stations on the main streams to serve water resources development.
  • To prepare short, medium and long-term strategic plans on protection of erosion, sedimentation and river banks.
  • To research and monitor surface and ground water regimes by managing installed hydrological stations and collating data to serve various water related sectors.
  • To implement and monitoring of water level, water discharge and sediment in the river basins system.
  • To implement water quality monitoring at the main hydrological stations.
  • To study and research on hydrological phenomena, models, computations, surface and ground water potentials.
  • To manage and exchange the hydrological information; to issue forecasts and early warnings of possible flood and drought  for having appropriate measures of mitigation in time.
  • To establish geographical information system (GIS) in relevant to all river basin features, hydrological networks  and locations  of water resources development infrastructures and so on.


Let's Participate in Managing and Developing Its Resource Properly for Our Prosperity and Happiness!
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